The Best Way to Ski Pristine Powder

Heli skiing is a thrilling adventure for skiers who want to take their experience on the slopes to the next level. This type of off trail skiing involves taking skiers to remote slopes that are only accessible by helicopter. Instead of skiing down commercial slopes where the snow is packed down, the skier will experience the thrill of untouched powder snow. This experience is for those who are looking for greater physical challenges as well as adventure and excitement.

Heli skiing offers varying degrees of difficulty. Some of the slopes are steep, winding, and take great skill to navigate. Other areas are similar to regular ski slopes. Skiing on the condensed, hard packed snow at most resorts simply can’t compare to the thrill of sailing over pristine powder. The feeling of gliding over fresh powder is both exhilarating and addictive. Being surrounded by the raw beauty of the landscape only adds to the amazing experience that is known as heli skiing. Small groups of skiers, often four to eight, are flown by helicopter to a remote sight. Contrary to what is seen in the movies, skiers don’t jump out of the helicopter. Each person steps out and bends down until everyone else is out and the helicopter takes off.

For those looking for this kind of adventure there are lots of great places to go. Most of these places are located in Canada and Alaska where there are lots of mountains and wide open areas. British Columbia offers several spots for extreme skiing. The Monashee Mountains provide steep mountain slopes laced with mature trees. The lodge is equipped with a sauna, Jacuzzi, and a game room so the fun can continue after leaving the slopes. The Chugach Mountains in Cordova, Alaska offers miles of rugged terrain for skiers to explore. Staying at Points North Orca Adventure Lodge means there will be plenty to do if skiers decide to take a day off. The lodge offers ice climbing and snowshoe hiking.

When the summer hits in the northern hemisphere it’s time to fly south. The Andes Mountains in Chili offer mountains over 20,000 feet high to explore. With a variety of breathtaking ridges, bowls, and volcanoes it’s hard to beat this region for raw excitement. Across the pond skiers can find packages that offer a more conventional experience. Austria, Italy, and Switzerland offer packages that may include just one or two drops and then the skier is transported back to the resort village. These trips are for those who want to combine heli and resort skiing. Skiers can enjoy a variety of experiences on the slope during the day and then explore the European nightlife in the evening. However, as the area where heli skiing was born, Canada’s British Colombia is the world’s most celebrated spot to heli ski.