Toronto overview – general overview

Torontonians can be proud of their heritage known as the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) the province capital of Ontario, for its vast and fast growing population. Toronto is an example of a multicultural city working together for the greater good of its ethnic diversity. With a unique kind of team spirit that’s alive and seen in the ordinary people of Toronto, statistics show it to be a safe city, if not the safest in North America.

While reports stating that Toronto’s metropolitan area houses in excess of six million people, it’s not difficult to get a feel for the grand scale of the city. Indeed, the suburbs alone have multitudes of tree-lined streets, contrasting both modern high-rise-living and inner-city cottage dwelling. A truly wonderful mixture, whereby, the infrastructure running North , South, East, West like a grid in a game of X’s & O’s, means, with reliable public transport operating along these lines, almost all areas are accessible.

As Toronto is such a richly diverse hub, the culture, though collective from the overall viewpoint of the city, takes its delights from every nationality calling it home. There are therefore endless local delicacies from Mediterranean to Asian, with cuisines like Mexican, Italian and tapas to try before wetting the appetite on international wines.

Toronto is a well educated city, so the industry is intensively developed and jobs are plentiful. Toronto is also happily part of Canada, the only county that hasn’t seemed to complain about the global financial crisis. Wonder why?

Finally, if it is outdoor adventure you seek, believe it or not, you can get away from it all in the city. From quiet strolls in High Park to the ruggedly beautiful Don valley, Toronto has it all. It is a buzzing metropolis with undiscovered potential in nearly every corner.